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Nama Chocolate

Q.  What is Nama Chocolate?

A.  A fine, delicate pairing of select chocolate, fresh cream with a hint of prestigious liquors, Nama Chocolate is a velvety smooth 'fresh' ganache chocolate, containing at least double the amount of cream usually found in conventional chocolates. With cream and liquor accounting for almost a quarter of combined ingredients, the extremely high moisture content level gives Nama Chocolate its distinctively silky palate and smooth texture, allowing it to melt slowly on your tongue. We offer 7 kinds of Nama Chocolate on a regular basis. From time to time, there are Seasonal Nama Chocolates available, which are made in limited quantity. 


Q.  How long can I keep Nama Chocolate?

A.  With proper storage, the shelf life of Nama Chocolate is 1 month. We recommend consuming your Nama Chocolate within a week after opening the package.


Q.  Can Nama Chocolate be kept frozen?

A.  Yes, Nama Chocolate can be kept in the freezer to prolong its shelf life. Please be reminded that the shelf life of frozen Nama Chocolate will still be 1 month upon defrosting.

Once defrosted, we highly recommend you consume your Nama Chocolate immediately within 1 month.


Q.  Which Nama Chocolate can be consumed by children?

A.  We recommend Nama Mild Cacao, Nama Ecuador Sweet, Nama Ghana Bitter or Nama Mild White for children as they are completely liquor free.


Q.  How long does the dry ice in the Nama Cooling Bag last?

A.  Depending on weather conditions, it takes approximately 3 to 4 hours for the dry ice found in Nama Cooling Bags to melt. This will cause the accompanying Nama Chocolate to melt as well. It is not advisable to leave Nama Chocolate exposed to direct sunlight and heat.